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18k gold plated brass wire bracelet and charms. 63mm in diameter with hook and eye closure. Packaged with zodiac card and 4x6 acrylic hinged reusable case.

I can't say enough about the reading's affect on my thinking and motivation around my business, my partnership, and my life.

Numerology: For those born on the 11th, 20th, 29th of any month

I feel so clear now about how to proceed with my future, immediate and distant. I also feel more patient and gentle with myself when I'm experiencing one of those "really bad days," as we all do from time to time. Kathleen is knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate.

She is a teacher and a guide. I will be giving many of my loved ones the gift of a reading with her before the year is out!

What is the Birthday Number?

She offers a valuable perspective and insight into one's life and business , and she's great at what she does. Understanding ourselves better is always a positive step forward to success, in life, love, and all things.

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Jed Share Images. I was stunned by the accuracy of her reading and found it to be a powerful tool I could use in my mission to take a look at the "big picture" of my life.

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Her kind and approachable manner made for a relaxing and introspective session. Based on an ancient astro-scientological belief said to stem from a Magic Wizard Book crafted during, and as a result of, the Big Bang itself, each number to which ones Golden Birthday lands upon holds different levels of power.

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Single digit Golden Birthdays are the least potent of the Golden Birthdays, and are generally harmless to those who do not know how to wield the Power. Other relatively harmless Golden Birthday numbers include 27, 28, 29, 30, 17 and It is quite important to note, however, that the two most Powerful Golden Birthdays are 31 and While 31 is stable and at a constantly high Power level, 23 is an ever-shifting entity that at times holds nearly infinite levels of Power.

Birthday Number 29 – Love and Family

One last thing to note: To identify an individual whom is experiencing their Golden Birthday, look deeply in their eyes. It has also been said that every few millennia there will be an individual whose eyes will be completely and wholly Golden, making it nearly impossible for the average person to gaze upon the individual. A human who portrays this characteristic may, in this Golden hour , hold the fate of our existence in their hands… But only a myth I imagine….

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This year is my golden birthday -- I'm turning 15 on the 15th! Golden birthday unknown. When you turn the same number as the number of the month your birthday falls on eg. You look straight at the essence of things.

You see what others want to hide. You can spend all day thinking about global things, philosophical ideas and matters, and in your thoughts you often want to catch those ideas and make them material, real. You are not a logical individual, but rather inspiring and intuitive.

Numerology 29 is exalted | Vedic Astrology Guide

Your intuition brings you to the right conclusions. You operate by emotions, not by rational laws. Your inner feeling makes you emphatic: you feel the joys and sorrows of others. You can make a great counselor or psychologist, as you will intuitively find the best way to relieve the tension of an individual.