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We have forgotten how to use our own intuition. Lilith is the witch, the part of us fascinated by all forms of divination. Astrology the tarot and other forms of occult practice are tools to help us find our way back to what our ancient ancestors took for granted.

There is sometime very primal, wild and untamed about Lilith. She is natural and unprocessed. We all have this gift inside us. This is what tends to happen to anyone defined by his or her sexuality and sexual persuasion.

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Originally these ladies were beautiful, sexual, psychic, magical beings who knew the importance of preparing for death and eventual regeneration. When the Christians destroyed Paganism, some of the goddess archetypes were warped into mans worst fears and were turned into ugly crones, devouring mothers or dangerous spellbinding witches.


Lilith symbolises a reclaiming of that original dark goddess power, the acceptance of the dark as well as the light side of human nature. Because of this she was cast out or exiled herself out of paradise.

The Dark Side Of The Libra Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Accepting the differences between the sexes! So she is as important for men as she is for women.

Lilith is about nature balancing itself out, she obeys the laws of karma, an eye for an eye. Because of this she can be seen as quite ruthless and punishing. Lilith also relates to the Persephone archetype. This famous springtime myth reflects the cyclical action of the lunar apogee as it unites and balances the energy between the Sun, Moon and the earth. I am a man and I have the Black Moon in the zodiac sign of libra.

What does everything this mean? What does it mean to have Lilith in libra if I'm a man or a woman? If you are not sure to have then Lilith in libra I recommend you to go on this page or under this article to make a correct calculation inserting only your date of birth. Shortly time you will discover the position of Lilith in the 12 signs of the zodiac. If your Black Moon falls here then in the libra sign under you can read the correct interpretation and subsequently you can also read the meaning of Lilith in the 12 astrological houses.

The meaning of Lilith is connected to ours , to our fears, the way we live our sexuality. Lilith in libra : this astrological symbol is linked to the need to establish profitable relationships with other people you must find harmony but the difficulty to carry out this task in this life is important enough. We must therefore try to regain a sense of balance in all situations, not only in situations related to work but also to the family, to romantic relationships, etc This fact Lilith pushes not to accept others as karma tells us that we must find a meeting point to create several associations in this life because maybe in a previous life the person undergoing this astral configuration wanted to impose on others their individuality, giving little importance to the concept of collaboration.

Unfortunately, the worst thing that can happen in this life is to succumb to the decisions and the choices of the people around us that can be co-workers, parents, brothers and sisters, or love partner.

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Your task is to be first to learn to trust in his own strength but at the same time you must also learn to develop balanced relationships and can give a lot to your spiritual evolution because here is the soul of the concept behind Lilith. People with this Lilith should try to avoid indifference and insensitivity, and try to live their emotions without being overwhelmed by them. A sexual level we are not in the presence of a strong intimate desire because this Lilith inhibits some of the animalistic and instinctive side of the person because the emotions and feelings that are experienced are more important.

Your favorite erogenous zones are the navel, hips and skin. Lilith in house I : this astral configuration indicates a person who develops a very high sense of self-criticism and does not like her body, her image of herself. It is almost always dissatisfied, almost never happy. Lilith in house II : the person with this astral configuration must not administer the family property because it is not able to do this. It may also be subject to considerable injustices in the economic and financial level.

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Lilith in house III : the person has a tendency to do more and controversy. They may occasionally need breathing room, or time out to play sport. Most Libran men have champagne tastes and love a touch of luxury.

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They appreciate the best and adore socialising, circulating and communicating. Compliments give them a buzz, pleasantly lifting their morale and confidence. Giving and receiving kindness provides them with much pleasure. Social injustice disturbs them. Libra in Your Libra sign rules the first sector of your horoscope, the one that is related to your personal life, your appearance and personality, as well as to those events, people, circumstances and external conditions that influence your destiny.

When your ruling planet Venus transits the various signs throughout it will sharply increase the activities and tempo of your life for this year. Although you will at times feel tired due to heavy workloads or strenuous situations that arise suddenly and unexpectedly, your levels of energy, physical stamina and vitality will be assisted by energetic Mars. During this year Mars will help you cope successfully with urgent, strenuous day-to-day activities as well as with the odd dynamic issues you find yourself in.

Transit Planets

Impatience and impulsiveness may need controlling throughout this year. You will be more eager than ever to start that new job, travel to a new destination or make a big impression around others. Hard work brings big rewards such as a promotion or a raise in salary, things that once interested you will not seem quite so important now. You may decide to leave behind the colleagues who have not grown with you, as there are a few clear-cut issues that need to be resolved this year and you will do everything you can to achieve success.

Lucky Jupiter will transit the zodiac sign of Sagittarius until December 3, and throughout this year will influence important changes around your sector of communication, meetings, conferences, guest speaking, travel, transportation, media, and career. This is an excellent year to plan or build your dream home, move to a bigger and better dwelling, expand or improve your present residence, or purchase an investment property. You may decide to quit your present career or job and start your own business; otherwise, you will advance to a position of greater responsibility and happiness.

Luck and good fortune will be attracted to you in many ways. Some will have a substantial win through lotteries, the stock market, or other forms of investment and gambling. Saturn planet of conservatism will transit your sector of home matters and mirror on your career ambitions throughout During this year, with so much on your plate, you may at times have difficulty balancing your time between domestic and career responsibilities. Communication, meetings, higher learning and travel may force you to take on a more positive attitude concerning these matters.

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  7. Some will start or complete diploma or training courses, join the military, security forces, or medical fields. Uranus will transit your sector of finances during the next seven years, influencing a major change in your material security. You will take a more optimistic view on how to save and spend your earnings. As you travel through you will meet with exciting new friendships, make personal contact with some very unusual or eccentric people, or renew an old acquaintance. Your year will be filled with a lucky emphasis on glamorous or upscale social interests; some of your cherished ambitions can now be achieved.

    The social scene will be the setting for several exciting and unusual developments. Old projects that have been shelved, postponed or delayed for some reason will now be completed. You may require a lot of footslogging in your daily routine, but it will be worth it. You may have an intense desire to do something different, outrageous or daring in —just watch your impulsiveness as you may bite off more than you can chew.

    Progressive and controlled decisions or agreements can be reached with little difficulty, even with controversial issues—you have time on your side. You may find yourself on the campaign trail for some personal reason and many changes can be expected with family interests and worldly possessions, as this year will be full of exciting activities and new ventures. You are well advised to be strong-willed in your views and opinions and be critical in your conclusions, for in you may become well known for something you do or stand out in a crowd due to the destiny changes that are taking place around you.

    Throughout a variety of opportunity and change may attract you when you least expect it. This year will be full of business activity on the career and job scene as lucky Jupiter strikes up the band and marches you through a dynamic career year full of variety, contact and important communication with those who can assist you with your goals.

    Expect extra pressures during this busy work period, when you really have your nose to the grindstone. You may encounter a few minor difficulties and obstacles from time to time; nevertheless, this will help to stimulate your great tenacity and persistence that aids in your success. You will excel by your own merits; your sacrificial spirit will cause you to study, work, and finally triumph over any employment issue that may arise.

    The year overall will be beneficial and exciting on the work scene, you will be much wiser and more experienced by the end of There may be sudden achievements or strokes of luck in your profession or job; you will slowly conquer everything you set out to do but always with great effort and struggle.

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    Some will be interested in the study of metaphysics, science in general, possibly excelling in mathematics or physics. Law or commerce may interest some.